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Erin Krewson LMTI believe in Balance!  I believe that even if you were even extremely overweight, if you are properly balanced around your joints you will be able to hold that weight with less pain.  Its a process but a process I love to teach.  If you are able to learn some tricks that I can teach you, you could have a lifetime with very little "aches and pains". Treating injury is very similar, although a different approach, you still need to be balanced.  In my sessions I focus on your strengths and weaknesses.  We investigate together what may be occurring in your life that throws off your balance and make a plan to adjust.  I help you understand anatomy in a very different way.  Then we work to fix it. We will form a plan for you to strengthen the correct muscles or muscle groups to balance you out and wipe out the pain.  

This is not a guarantee...  I can not claim that.  What I can promise is that if you learn the principles that I teach in my sessions and actually do them at home you will see a significant decrease in your pain.  Or even if you are just

tight from stress and life, same principles apply.

I have been a massage therapist since 2013.  It has been a second time around career for me.  I absolutely love it and have a strong passion to help people understand how to be more in control of your own pain relief.  

I work with Cross fitters, Body Builders, Personal Trainers, Marathon Runners, Cyclists, Pregnant women, Cancer patients, Office managers, Construction workers.. etc and everyone in between.   I focus on treatment work and teaching you to balance your own body.  The cost to you is extremely low compared to what you will take from even a single treatment. 

I am a wife and Mother, My Dream is to have many True Balance NW locations all over the area, with therapists who understand and will teach my principles.  I want to change the face of massage.  It is not a spa treatment...  Its not a luxury that only well to do people can afford...  I want more insurance companies to recognize treatment massage as a viable treatment to pain management and recovery.   If Massage was utilized to its fullest millions of people could have a lot less pain with a lot less need for pain killers.  For now, my clients are the proof that it works.  

I hope you set an appointment and see for yourself!  See you soon!

Erin Peace LMT

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