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Massage is amazing!  The reason I absolutely love my career is because of my clients.  Truthfully!  I love the changes that happen and improvements in just quality of life because Active Massage showed them how much control they actually have over their pain relief.  I want to help you feel better and give you valuable tools that you can use for the rest of your life.  

I want to show everyone!  So...  All new client gets a full 60 minutes of hands on Active Massage with a focus on specific areas of pain.  PLUS 15 minutes for discussion and assessment.  And most importantly, A PLAN to get you closer to your Pain management goals!  ALL FOR $40.

If you are seeing this it is very likely you were sent here by someone who has seen improvement in their life from being introduced to Active Massage.  Scheduling an appointment is very easy!


I am looking forward to meeting you!!

Erin Peace LMT
Owner - True Balance NW
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